Extra-Curricular Provision

Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Activities

Mad4Sport Extra-Curricular Provision

Extra-Curricular Prices

  • 1 hour Extra-Curricular Cover:
    6 Week Block - £210.00

    10 Week Block - £340.00
  • 90 min Extra-Curricular Cover:
    6 Week Block - £270.00

    10 Week Block - £440.00
  • Breakfast Club Pre PPA:

  • Lunch Club During PPA:
  • After School Club Post PPA:

Extra-Curricular Provision

Mad4Sport are able to offer a number of extra-curricular provisions for those hours out of school. We can deliver Breakfast, Lunch and After School Clubs with any of the activities we currently provide. Sessions normally run on an hourly or 90 minute basis over a 6 or 10 week block.

All of the activities that we provide are charged at a standard rate. You can choose to pass some of this cost onto the students or subsidise it from the school budget. We also have the ability to help schools gain funding for out of school provision. As always, all of our sessions are run by highly qualified and experienced coaches.

We are also able to offer discounted extra-curricular provision prices whilst we deliver PPA cover at your school. This is not only cost effective but also reduces your workload as there will be no need to use another service provider.

Breakfast Clubs

Mad4Sport firmly believe that a great start to the day can set you up for the rest of it. Fun, enjoyable and stimulating activities before school are key to promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as aiding the improvement of concentration levels throughout the day. Improved learning, attendance and behaviour at school are but a few of the key outcomes a breakfast club can provide along with other fundamental skills such as punctuality, social development and fun through play. Our enjoyable activities will no doubt ensure these outcomes are met.

Lunchtime Clubs

Many schools use lunchtime clubs as an ideal opportunity for children to enjoy a structured coaching session. Whether this is a training session for a school team, specialist coaching for a specific sport or a taster session for children to try something new... all pupils will benefit from our specialists' expertise. Our lunchtime clubs also provide structured playground games which can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities. Research proves that children active at lunchtime behave better during afternoon lessons and are able to concentrate more for the duration of the school day. Lunchtime sessions usually last around 45 minutes although this can be adapted to ensure your children have time to eat their lunch.

After School Clubs

Being at school is not just about what you do between 9am and 3.15pm; it’s about acquiring and working on skills to go into society. After school clubs are the perfect opportunity to build upon skills developed during school time or in areas children hold an interest in. They can also be utilised to widen horizons and introduce children to activities they may not necessarily take part in. Not only are they fun but they also help to boost self-esteem and self-confidence. After school clubs not only offer child care for parents, they keep children busy, active and healthy after school. Parents are given peace of mind knowing their children are being supervised in a safe environment and engaged in learning.

Please note that, depending on the distance of your venue from our office, there will be a £5.00 - £10.00 supplement for travel charges per session. This will apply for the above cover in the South Yorkshire AND GREATER MANCHESTER AREAS.