Holiday Clubs

School's out and it's time for some great holiday time activities

Mad4Sport Holiday Clubs

Year Round Activities

Outside of school hours Mad4Sport provide half term and summer holiday clubs throughout the year. These clubs are based around a number of diverse and engaging activities, inclusive for all and encouraging children to get involved in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment.

Holiday clubs typically run 10am to 3pm with the availability of care clubs before and after to coincide with parent working hours.

Tailor your own holiday club – we are able to mix and match a variety of the activities and themes we provide, making your club unique and meeting every interest of the participants involved.

Activities throughout a holiday club normally work in rotation, allowing each coach to deliver a separate activity, enabling a number of activities to run at the same time for the duration of the day. We can run clubs solely with our own staff or, if you would prefer to have some of your own staff present, we can work alongside your needs.

If you are thinking of providing your own holiday clubs but would like a specialist coach to provide a standalone session we are here to fulfil your requirement. We are able to deliver any of the activities we provide.

- Paper Free and Unique -

Our aim is to offer a service to provide less work for you. All of our holiday clubs include our online registration service where parents can register a place for their child on our website. This means less paperwork and less headache for you! We deal with any registration, lunchtime supervision and any pastoral duties that may arise.

Our clubs are unique and we can run them to suit a theme or a mix of activities. Our unique themes help to make a holiday club stand out from the crowd and appeal to all interests.

Some Examples of Our Holiday Club Themes


Mad4Sport Mash Up

Something for everyone! These clubs work great and offer a mixture of activities that run each day appealing to all interests and needs. The sessions work in rotation so that children get an equal chance at taking part in each activity.


International Superstars

Looking for diversity? These clubs are great to broaden horizons and introduce children to new cultures. Children take part in more traditional activities expanding their knowledge of the country they originate from and its background.


Mini Olympics

Aspire to be Usain Bolt? The Olympic Games are re-created in these holiday clubs. Children take part in a number of activities and compete in their very own Olympic Games. Countries go head to head trying to win gold with an awards ceremony at the end of the week.

Themes can be created, adapted and added to depending on your specific needs and requirements