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Tailor Made PPA and Supply Coverage

Mad4Sport PPA Cover

PPA Cover Prices

  • AM Cover:

  • PM Cover:

  • All Day Cover:

  • Breakfast Club Pre PPA:

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  • After School Post PPA:

PPA Cover

We currently work in partnership with over 20 schools in the region delivering specialist cover.

Our diverse and tailor-made PPA cover service allows schools to take advantage of our expertise, choosing the activities and adding that personal touch. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, always aiming to fulfil the individual needs and requirements of the schools we work with - most importantly giving you peace of mind that your school is receiving the best service.

We plan alongside detailed work schemes, all of which are relevant to the new National Curriculum. Our lessons are progressive, well-structured and are adapted to the needs, abilities and age of the participants involved.

It is paramount to Mad4Sport that your children are in safe hands, receiving the best possible education to aid their development.

Flexible Coverage

Whatever your needs, we are flexible enough to meet your requirements:

Do you need a sports coach to deliver PPA cover?
Considering Martial Arts to enhance your PE provision?
Require a Dance specialist for your extra – curricular needs?

We have the capability, experience and expertise to effectively deliver one or multiple aspects of the curriculum and extra–curricular needs. Our expert, qualified coaches and teachers come with all of their own equipment and resources. We are happy to take registers and dismiss children at the end of the day. Whatever your situation, we have the adaptability to accommodate your needs. Lessons can be devised to take place in the hall, classroom and outdoors.
For a full list of activities we can run during PPA cover click here.  

Supply Cover

Should you have a last minute absence at your school and need a teacher, Mad4Sport can be called upon to offer a range of flexible high quality supply cover.

We will endeavour to have a friendly staff member ready with a full selection of detailed session plans and the ability to deliver a range of activities.

Supply Cover Prices

  • AM Cover:

  • PM Cover:

  • All Day Cover:

Please note that, depending on the distance of your venue from our office, there will be a £5.00 - £10.00 supplement for travel charges per session. This will apply for the above cover in the South Yorkshire AND GREATER MANCHESTER AREAS.